Production History

DateProductionProduction Company
01/12/2023The Lazarus Project (Series 2)Urban Myth Films
01/11/2023Belgravia: The Next ChapterCarnival Film & Television
01/11/2023One DayDrama Republic
01/11/2023Such Brave GirlsVarious Artists Limited
01/10/2023The Winter KingBad Wolf
01/10/2023Alex Rider (Series 3)Eleventh Hour Films
01/09/2023Hope Street (Series 3)Long Story TV
01/09/2023Midsomer Murders (Series 24)Bentley Productions
01/08/2023Woman in the WallMotive Pictures
01/06/2023The Killing KindEleventh Hour Films
01/05/2023The LoversDrama Republic
01/04/2023Alice & JackMe + You Productions
01/03/2023The Night CallerStory Films
01/02/2023EntitledTwo Brother Pictures
01/01/2023Van De Valk (Series 3)Company Television
01/01/2023Call The Midwife (Series 12)Neal Street Productions
01/01/2023Rain DogsSid Gentle Films
01/12/2022Extraordinary (Series 1)Sid Gentle Films
01/12/2022I Hate Suzy TooBad Wolf
01/12/2022His Dark Materials (Series 3)Bad Wolf
01/12/2022Seven Kings Must DieCarnival Productions
01/12/2022Christmas CaroleProduction Voices
01/11/2022The Pact (Series 2)Little Door
01/11/2022Vienna Blood (Series 3)Endor Pictures
01/10/2022The EnglishDrama Republic
01/10/2022Hope Street (Series 2)Long Story TV
01/10/2022Midsomer Murders (Series 22)Bentley Productions
01/09/2022Red RoseEleven Film
01/09/2022The Confessions of Frannie LangtonDrama Republic
01/09/2022War Of The Worlds (Series 3)Urban Myth Films
01/08/2022Sanditon (Series 3)Red Planet
01/06/2022The Lazarus Project (Series 1)Urban Myth Films
01/5/2022Newark, NewarkBalloon Entertainment
01/05/2022ChivalryBaby Cow Productions
01/04/2022Sanditon (Series 2)Red Planet
01/03/2022Killing Eve (Series 4)Sid Gentle Films
01/03/2022Our HouseRed Planet
01/02/2022RagdollSid Gentle Films
01/02/2022Becoming ElizabethThe Forge
01/01/2022Call The Midwife (Series 11)Neal Street Productions
01/01/2022Death In Paradise (Series 11)Red Planet
01/12/2021A Discovery Of Witches (Series 3)Bad Wolf
01/12/2021Hope StreetLong Story TV
01/12/2021Van Der Valk (Series 2)Company Television
01/11/2021The Last Kingdom (Series 5)Carnival Film & Television
01/10/2021Vienna Blood (Series 2)Endor Pictures
01/10/2021Alex Rider (Series 2)Eleventh Hour Films
01/09/2021Agatha Raisin (Series 4)Company Pictures
01/09/2021Hanna (Series 3)Working Title Films
01/08/2021Britannia (Series 3)Sky
01/07/2021Back To Life (Series 2)Two Brothers Pictures
01/06/2021HelpThe Forge
01/05/2021War Of The Worlds (Series 2)Urban Myth Films
01/04/2021Midsomer Murders (Series 22)Bentley Productions
01/03/2021DinosaurTwo Brothers Pictures
01/02/2021Call The Midwife (Series 10)Neal Street Productions
01/01/2021Death In Paradise (Series 10)Red Planet
01/12/2020The OneUrban Myth Films
01/11/2020A Discovery Of Witches (Series 2)Bad Wolf
01/10/2020His Dark Materials (Series 2)Bad Wolf
01/09/2020RoadkillThe Forge
01/09/2020LifeDrama Republic
01/08/2020UsDrama Republic
01/07/2020I Hate SuzieBad Wolf
01/06/2020Riviera (Series 3)Archery Pictures
01/05/2020Killing Eve (Series 3)Sid Gentle Films
01/04/2020The LuminariesWorking Title Television
01/04/2020Hanna (Series 2)Working Title Films
01/04/2020The A Word (Series 3)Fifty Fathoms
01/03/2020The Last Kingdom (Series 4)Carnival Film & Television
01/02/2020Van Der Valk (Series 1)Company Television
01/02/2020Alex Rider (Series 1)Eleventh Hour Films
01/01/2020BelgraviaCarnival Film & Television
01/12/2019Call The Midwife (Series 9)Neal Street Productions
01/12/2019Death In Paradise (Series 9)Red Planet
01/11/2019His Dark Materials (Series 1)Bad Wolf
01/10/2019Agatha Raisin (Series 3)Company Pictures
01/10/2019Midsomer Murders (Series 21)Bentley Productions
01/09/2019Vienna Blood (Series 1)Endor Pictures
01/08/2019Harlots (Series 3)Monumental Pictures
01/07/2019TempleHera Pictures
01/06/2019Britannia (Series 2)Sky
01/04/2019Deep State (Series 2)Endor Productions
01/03/2019Riviera (Series 2)Archery Pictures
01/02/2019Killing Eve (Series 2)Sid Gentle Films
01/02/2019The Durrells (Series 4)Sid Gentle Films
01/01/2019Hanna (Series 1)Working Title Films
01/12/2018Sex EducationEleven Film Ltd
01/12/2018Death In Paradise (Series 8) Red Planet
01/12/2018The Long SongHeydey Television
01/12/2018Delicious (Series 3)Bandit Television
01/11/2018PureDrama Republic
01/11/2018Call The Midwife (Series 8)Neal Street Productions
01/10/2018Luther (Series 5)BBC
01/09/2018StrangersTwo Brothers Pictures
01/08/2018A Discovery Of Witches (Series 1)Bad Wolf
01/07/2018Harlots (Series 2)Monumental Pictures
01/06/2018Black Earth RisingDrama Republic
01/05/2018WanderlustDrama Republic
01/04/2018Killing Eve (Series 1)Sid Gentle Films
01/04/2018The Last Kingdom (Series 3)Carnival Film & Television
01/03/2018Deep State (Series 1)Endor
01/02/2018The Durrells (Series 3)Sid Gentle Films
01/02/2018Dave AllenDSP
01/01/2018Kiss Me FirstKindle Entertainment
01/12/2017Delicious (Series 2)Bandit Television
01/12/2017Call The Midwife (Series 7)Neal Street Productions
01/12/2017Death In Paradise (Series 7)Red Planet
01/11/2017CollateralThe Forge
01/10/2017Hard SunEuston Films
01/09/2017The A Word (Series 2)Fifty Fathoms / Tiger Aspect
01/09/2017The Child In TimeSunnyMarch / Pinewood TV
01/08/2017Doctor Foster (Series 2)Drama Republic
01/08/2017Man In An Orange ShirtKudos
01/07/2017Riviera (Series 1)Archery Pictures
01/07/2017BabsBBC Grafton House
01/06/2017LoadedHillbilly Films & Television
01/06/2017The Last PostBonafide Films Ltd
01/05/2017The Durrells (Series 2)Sid Gentle Films
01/04/2017King Charles IIIDrama Republic
01/04/2017CliqueBBC Grafton House
01/02/2017The White PrincessCompany Pictures
01/02/2017Harlots (Series 1)Monumental Pictures
01/02/2017The Last Kingdom (Series 2)Carnival Film & Television
01/01/2017Call the Midwife (Series 6)Neal Street Productions
01/01/2017No Offence (Series 2)Abbott Vision
01/01/2017Death in Paradise (Series 6)Red Planet
01/12/2016Delicious (Series 1)Bandit Television
01/12/2016SS-GBSid Gentle Films
01/10/2016Ripper Street (Series 5)Tiger Aspect
01/10/2016The HalcyonLeft Bank Pictures
01/10/2016In the DarkBBC
01/09/2016My Mother & Other StrangersBBC Grafton House Productions
01/09/2016The LevelHillbilly Films & Television
01/09/2016The Fall (Series 3)Artists Studio
01/08/2016DCI Banks (Series 5)Left Bank Pictures
01/07/2016EllenTouchpaper Television
01/06/2016Ripper Street (Series 4)Tiger Aspect
01/05/2016Neil Gaiman's Likely StoriesSid Gentle Films
01/05/2016New BloodEleventh Hour Films
01/04/2016The A Word (Series 1)Fifty Fathoms / Tiger Aspect
01/03/2016The Durrells (Series 1)Sid Gentle Films
01/01/2016Call the Midwife (Series 5)Neal Street Productions
01/01/2016The Musketeers (Series 3)BBC
01/12/2015Death in Paradise (Series 5)Red Planet
01/11/2015The Hollow Crown - War of the Roses Neal Street / Carnival
01/11/2015DickensianRed Planet
01/10/2015Downton Abbey (Series 6)Carnival Film & Television
01/10/2015Fresh Meat (Series 4)Objective Productions
01/09/2015London SpyWorking Title Television
01/08/2015Doctor Foster (Series 1)Drama Republic
01/07/2015Luther (Series 4)BBC
01/06/2015A Song For JennyBBC
01/05/2015TatauTouchpaper Television
01/04/2015Cider With RosieOrigin Pictures
01/03/2015DCI Banks (Series 4)Left Bank
01/02/2015Ripper Street (Series 3)Tiger Aspect
01/01/2015The Musketeers (Series 2)BBC
01/01/2015Call the Midwife (Series 4)Neal Street Productions
01/01/2015Not Safe For WorkQuite Scary Films
01/01/2015Death in Paradise (Series 4)Red Planet
01/01/2015BanishedRSJ Films
01/12/2014One ChildBBC
01/12/2014Valentine's KissGate Television
01/11/2014The ArkRed Planet
01/11/2014Scrotal RecallQuite Scary Films
01/10/2014The Passing BellsRed Planet
01/10/2014The Fall (Series 2)Artists Studio
01/09/2014The C WordBBC
01/08/2014Downton Abbey (Series 5)Carnival Film & Television
01/07/2014The Village (Series 2)Company Productions
01/07/2014The Lost Honour of Christopher JefferiesCarnival Film & Television Ltd
01/06/2014The Honourable WomanDrama Republic
01/06/2014Foyle's War (Series 9)Eleventh Hour Films Ltd
01/05/2014Youngers (Series 2)Big Talk Productions
01/04/2014The GameBBC Worldwide
01/03/2014New WorldsCompany Productions
01/02/2014Tommy Cooper - Not Like That, Like ThisLeft Bank Pictures
01/01/2014Death in Paradise (Series 3)Red Planet
01/01/2014The Musketeers (Series 1)BBC
01/12/2013The Thirteenth TaleHeyday Films
01/12/2013Unknown HeartGate Television
01/12/2013Call the Midwife (Series 3)Neal Street Productions
01/11/2013FlemingFleming Films Ltd
01/11/2013YonderlandWorking Title Television
01/11/2013The Bletchley Circle (series 2)World Productions
01/11/2013Fresh Meat (Series 3)Objective Productions
01/11/2013Ripper Street (Series 2)Tiger Aspect
01/10/2013The Paradise (Series 2)BBC
01/10/2013Misfits (Series 5)Clerkenwell Films
01/10/2013TruckersCompany Pictures
01/09/2013Downton Abbey (Series 4)Carnival Film & Television
01/09/2013Whitechapel (Series 4)Carnival Film & Television Ltd
01/09/2013By Any MeansRed Planet
01/08/2013What RemainsBBC
01/07/2013Burton & TaylorBBC
01/06/2013Skins (Series 7)Company Pictures
01/06/2013LawlessTwenty Twenty Television
01/05/2013Love & MarriageTiger Aspect
01/05/2013Coming Up 2013Touchpaper Television
01/04/2013Foyle's War (Series 8)FWAR Productions
01/04/2013Prisoners' Wives (Series 2)Tiger Aspect
01/04/2013The VillageCompany Productions
01/03/201330 & CountingBwark
01/03/2013YoungersBig Talk Productions
01/02/2013Ripper Street (Series 1)Tiger Aspect
01/02/2013ComplicitMany Rivers Films
01/02/2013Death In Paradise (Series 2)Red Planet
01/01/2013Dancing On The EdgeRuby Films
01/01/2013Misfits (Series 4)Clerkenwell Films
01/12/2012Call The Midwife (Series 2)Neal Street Productions
01/12/2012Secret StateCompany Productions North Ltd
01/12/2012Wild at Heart Christmas SpecialCompany Pictures
01/11/2012Downton Abbey (Series 3)Carnival Film & Television
01/11/2012The Poison TreeSTV Productions
01/11/2012The FallArtists Studio
01/10/2012Spies of WarsawFresh Pictures
01/10/2012The Other WifeGate Productions
01/09/2012The Bletchley CircleWorld Productions
01/09/2012The ParadiseBBC
01/08/2012Loving Miss HattoLeft Bank Pictures
01/07/2012The Hour (series 2)Kudos Film & Television
01/07/2012Vexed (series 2)Eleventh Hour Films
01/07/2012Strike Back (series 3)Left Bank Pictures
01/07/2012The Hollow CrownNeal Street Productions
01/06/2012Coming Up 2012Touchpaper Television
01/06/2012The GirlWall to Wall
01/06/2012BlackoutRed Production Company
01/05/2012Cardinal BurnsLeft Bank Pictures
01/05/2012Playhouse SeriesSprout Pictures
01/03/2012True LoveWorking Title
01/03/2012The ScapegoatIsland Pictures
01/02/2012Death in Paradise (series 1)Red Planet
01/02/2012Call the Midwife (series 1)Neal Street Productions
01/01/2012Skins (series 6)Company Pictures     
01/01/2012Line of DutyWorld Productions
01/01/2012Misfits (series 3)Clerkenwell Films
01/01/2012Wild at Heart (series 7)Company Pictures
01/01/2012Shades of LoveTele Munchen
01/12/2011The BorrowersWorking Title
01/12/2011Little Crackers 2011Little Sprout
01/11/2011Fast FreddieSTV
01/11/2011Whitechapel (series 3)Carnival Film & Television
01/10/2011Top BoyCowboy Films
01/10/2011Above Suspicion: Silent ScreamLa Plante Productions
01/10/2011HiddenOrigin Pictures
01/09/2011Downton Abbey (series 2)Carnival Film & Television
01/08/2011Strike Back (series 2)Left Bank Pictures
01/07/2011Without YouSally Head Productions
01/07/2011Luther (series 2)BBC
01/06/2011Gee GeeBonafide Films
01/06/2011The RunawayCompany Television Productions Ltd.
01/05/2011Coming Up 2011Touchpaper Television
01/04/2011InjusticeInjustice Films Limited
01/03/2011The Crimson Petal and The WhiteOrigin Pictures
01/02/2011Wild at Heart (series 6)Company Pictures
01/02/2011Skins (series 5)Company Pictures
01/02/2011OutcastsKudos Film & Television
01/01/2011Above Suspicion: Deadly IntentLa Plante Productions
01/01/2011Misfits (series 2)        Clerkenwell Films
01/01/2011The Sinking of the Laconia    Fremantle for BBC
01/01/2011ZenLeft Bank Pictures
01/01/2011Shades of Love          Gate Television
01/12/2010Any Human HeartCarnival Film & Television
01/12/2010Singlehanded Touchpaper Television
01/12/2010Thorne Sleepyhead / ScaredycatSleepyhead / Scaredycat Film Co.
01/11/2010The Song of LunchBBC
01/11/2010Little Crackers           Little Sprout
01/10/2010When Harvey Met BobClyde TV Ltd
01/09/2010Downton Abbey (series 1)Carnival Film & Television Ltd
01/08/2010The DeepTiger Aspect
01/07/2010New Tricks (series G)Wall to Wall
01/06/2010Whitechapel (series 2)Carnival Film & Television Ltd
01/05/2010Coming UpTouchpaper Television
01/05/2010The Silence     Company Pictures
01/04/2010Luther (series 1)BBC
01/04/2010Strike Back (series 1)Left Bank Pictures
01/03/2010The First Men In The Moon   Can Do Productions
01/03/2010Royal Wedding          Tiger Aspect
01/02/2010Vexed (series 1)Greenlit Rights Ltd
01/02/2010Wild at Heart (series 5)      Company Pictures
01/01/2010The Red DahliaLa Plante Productions
01/01/2010Shameless (series 7)Company Pictures
01/12/200910 Minute TalesEndor Productions
01/11/2009Survivors (series 2)BBC
01/10/2009Misfits (series 1)Clerkenwell Films
01/10/2009The PrisonerITV Productions
01/09/2009The Four SeasonsGate Productions
01/08/2009Foyle's War (Series 7)Greenlit Rights
01/08/2009Desperate RomanticsBBC
01/07/2009Spooks (series 8)Kudos Film & Television
01/07/2009Small IslandRuby Films
01/06/2009Mrs MandelaDiverse Production
01/06/2009New Tricks (series F)Wall to Wall
01/04/2009CollisionGreenlit Rights
01/03/2009FreefallOrigin Pictures
01/02/2009The Fixer (series 2)Kudos Film & Television
01/01/2009Wild at Heart (series 4)Company Pictures
01/01/2009Shameless (series 6)Company Pictures
01/12/2008Crooked HouseTiger Aspect
01/12/2008The 39 StepsBBC
01/10/2008Little DorritBBC
01/10/2008The Devil's WhoreCompany Pictures
01/09/2008Spooks (series 7)Kudos Film & Television
01/09/2008The Four SeasonsGate Productions
01/08/2008Caught in a TrapGreenlit Productions
01/08/2008Criminal JusticeBBC
01/07/2008Sharpe's PerilPicture Palace
01/06/2008Benidorm (series 2)Tiger Aspect
01/06/2008The ChildrenTightrope Pictures
01/05/2008New Tricks (series E)Wall to Wall
01/03/2008The ChangelingSize 9 Productions
01/02/2008The FixerKudos Film & Television
01/01/2008The PalaceCompany Pictures
01/01/2008Lark Rise to CandlefordBBC
01/01/2008Primeval (series 2)Impossible Pictures
01/12/2007Shameless (series 5)Company Pictures
01/12/2007Wild at Heart (series 3)Company Pictures
01/11/2007Lewis (series 2)Granada
01/11/2007Spooks (series 6)Kudos Film & Television
01/11/2007HonestGreenlit Productions
01/10/2007Margaret Thatcher - The Long Walk to FinchleyGreat Meadow Productions
01/09/2007Foyle's War (Series 6)Greenlit Productions
01/09/2007Filth: The Mary Whitehouse StoryWall to Wall
01/08/2007Five DaysBBC
01/06/2007InstinctTightrope Pictures
01/05/2007StuartNeal Street Productions
01/05/2007The Man Who Lost His HeadGreenlit Productions
01/03/2007Hustle (series 4)Kudos Film & Television
01/03/2007New Tricks (series D)Wall to Wall
01/01/2007Mansfield ParkCompany Pictures
01/01/2007Wild At Heart (series 2)Company Pictures
01/01/2007Shameless (series 4)Company Pictures
01/12/2006The History of Mr PollyGranada
01/12/2006Primeval (Series 1)Impossible Pictures
01/11/2006GoldplatedWorld Productions
01/11/2006The State WithinBBC
01/10/2006Housewife 49Granada
01/10/2006Tsunami, The AftermathKudos Film & Television
01/10/2006Who Gets The Dog?Company Pictures
01/07/2006BodiesHat Trick Productions
01/06/2006Foyle's War (Series 5)Greenlit Productions
01/05/2006Spooks (Series 5)Kudos Film & Television
01/04/2006All In The GameTightrope North
01/04/2006Shell SeekersGate Productions
01/03/2006Sharpe's ChallengePicture Palace
01/01/2006Hustle (Series 3)Kudos Film & Television
01/11/2005Summer SolsticeGate Productions
01/06/2005Spooks (Series 4)Kudos Film & Television
01/05/2005The Girl In The CafÄTightrope Pictures
01/04/2005To The Ends Of The EarthTightrope Pictures
01/02/2005DadTightrope Pictures
01/01/2005Hustle (Series 2)Kudos Film & Television
01/11/2004Oliver TwistGranada
01/09/2004Spooks (Series 3)Kudos Film & Television
01/08/2004Frances TuesdayPicture Palace
01/07/2004Foyle's War (Series 3)Greenlit Productions
01/05/2004Festival In The DesertBBC Worldwide (transcription)
01/04/2004Science ClipsBBC Worldwide (transcription)
01/03/2004Murder In SuburbiaCarlton
01/01/2004Hustle (Series 1)Kudos Film & Television
01/09/2003Foyle's War (Series 2)Greenlit Productions
01/08/2003Winter Solsticeown2feet Productions
01/05/2003State Of PlayEndor Productions
01/04/2003Spooks (Series 2)Kudos Film & Television
01/11/2002Red Cap (Series 1)Stormy Pictures/BBC
01/09/2002Foyle's War (Series 1)Greenlit Productions
01/05/2002Spooks (Series 1)Kudos Film & Television
01/02/2002MenaceGreenlit Productions
01/11/2001SwallowBox TV Ltd
01/10/2001SirensScottich Television
01/09/2001Foyle's War (Pilot)Greenlit Productions
01/08/2001Hearts And BonesMeridian/United Productions
01/04/2001Victoria And AlbertAllahoo/BBC
01/03/2001The SwapGreenlit Productions
01/01/2001HereafterUnited Productions
01/11/2000Sword Of HonourTalkback Productions
01/10/2000Shades/HereafterUnited Productions
01/05/2000Hearts And BonesUnited Productions
01/03/2000Cor BlimeyCompany Television

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